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(no subject) [Sep. 9th, 2006|02:08 pm]
Insert Clever Weight Loss Related Name Here


So here it is! And I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this! I think it'll end up varying by person, actually, but it would be nice if this was something we could all do together, even if it was being done differently by each of us!

SO the first question refers to the structure/accountability that you'd prefer. The first option is the 'buddy system' type thing, where there's someone you check in with and they encourage you to stick to your goals and your... whatever. You're all familiar with that, I'm sure. The second option introduces the idea of a competition. Which could be structured in a couple of ways. Either points assigned for exercise done by team members that week/month/whatever, or by the weight lost by the team that week/month/whatever. The third option indicates that you want no part in all of that nonsense and you'd like to just post your own progress when you feel like it and use the community to vent frustrations, celebrate accomplishments, and let people know helpful things. Say, that the Lean Cuisine Meat Lasagna meal is, quite frankly, the most delicious microwavable/pre-made lasagna you've ever eaten, hands down, even against the non-diet ones (so true, I tell you).

I'm hoping that all three preferences can be incorporated! Just because a handful of people want to compete or half of us want buddies doesn't mean that everyone has to have one!

The second question refers to that super neat thing they do on The Biggest Loser (which I only watched for Caroline Rhea, shut up), where they add up the weight lost by the team. I think it would be cool to add up the weight lost every month by the community at large. I think it would help me, at least, to know that I was a part of, say, a 40lb weight loss! Even if I, myself, only lost 5lbs. Ha. "Only"! A 5lbs weight loss is TERRIFIC.

So, ideally, I'd like the community to function as a place for people to do their buddy system/team competition/individual efforts as well as a place to post tips, frustrations, accomplishments, recipes, etc.

My weight-loss journal is lessthanmandi and I'll be posting my goals/history/etc. very soon! Please fill out the poll and then, if we have as many people as said they were interested in the first poll, we can hook up people with like-minded individuals and all get even hotter than we are now!
Poll #817359 Set it up, yo!

What level of structure/accountability do YOU prefer?

I work best when someone's riding my ass! I'd like a "buddy"
I work best competitively! I wouldn't mind if there was a team effort!
I work better when there's no pressure! I just want some support/helpful tips/a place to share progress and frustration!
Other, which I shall enter below or in comments!

I'm intrigued by this 'other'! Do elaborate!

Do you think it would be neat-o to keep track of the GROUP's loss?

Hell no!

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